Route description

How to reach us

The easiest way to reach us is fly to Faro.
Ryanair and Transavia offers almost daily, cheap flights to Faro from Eindhoven or Charleroi. Please check carefully on which day you fly in; a price difference of up to 50% for a departure or arrival 1 day earlier or later is not unusual. Especially outside the busy tourist season.

From Faro airport our Quinta can be reached in about an hour. It is not hard to find if you follow the directions below… or we can pick you up from the airport. Just let us know what you prefer.

For the GPS fanatics, our Quinta can be found on the following coordinates :   N 37,30544°  –   W 8,49982°

Please note that finding a building in Portugal with a GPS is more than just type in a place, a street name and a house number. In our area the Portugese only work with regional indications. That’s why we recommend to follow one of these route descriptions.

  • Route from Monchique

In the center of Monchique you’ll find the supermarket “Intermarche”. Just before it you’ll find a roundabout, here you take the direction Alferce. This road winds along the flanks of mount Picota for about 8 km. As soon as you see Alferce, turn right, steep uphill towards Alferce. Just before entering the centre of the village, turn right in a very sharp and steep turn. Follow this road exactly 4 km. After 3 km you will be passing the viewpoint “Miradouro”, so you are getting close. 1 km further you can find the gate to our Quinta on your left.

  • Route from Faro Airport

Leaving the parking lot of the airport you will see a big roundabout in front of the airport buildings. Follow the signs of the motorway A22.
A little bit further you will see the first signs of Portimao. Follow Portimao; your destination is not too far from this town. This road is always indicated in blue (blue is the colour for motorways in Portugal).
Continue following Portimao, then take exit 5 “Portimao – Monchique”.
You will see a roundabout, take the first exit towards Monchique.
The next (little) village is Porto de Lagos, continue following Monchique. Don not take the exit Silves, drive on towards Monchique. At one of the next roundabouts you’ll find a sign “Caldas de Monchique”, this is the same, good direction.
A bit further is a CEPSA gas station at the left side of the street. At the next traffic lights (+/- 700 m further, but they do not work) turn right just before the sign Rasmalho. Drive up the mountain. If you do not want to ruin your car, drive slowly the next 2,7 km. The road is in a pretty bad shape, you can find some holes in the road that your car won’t like. This is however only a temporary issue, a bit further the tarmac is in good shape.
Follow this road till you reach a T split, where you turn left. You are now at about 10 km of Quinta O Ninho.
The road goes up and down, just continue driving straight ahead. Ignore the exit Foz Do Barreiro and Fonta Santa. At the next sharp turn you can see our Quinta for the first time : it’s that white spot up the hill, just in front of you.
Continue driving and you will see the exit “Caldas de Monchique – Fornalha”, but do not take it. Follow the road 500 m and you will see the gate of our Quinta on the right.