About us

We are Ann S’heeren and Gerrit Wouters, a hard working couple from Antwerp (Belgium). At the end of 2016 we decided to chase our dream : to open a Bed & Breakfast in Portugal.

La femme de la famille

Ann is mother of a daughter and a son. She has been the right hand of the CEO of a logistics company for several years. Before that she worked long hours in the hotel and restaurant se ctor. She is used to work hard, rest assured that she will do her utmost every day to make your day unforgettable. Next to the perseverance in her job, she shows the same attitude on the tennis court. In her spare time she loves to hit a few of those yellow balls and her forehand is known across the border. Apart from playing sports she also likes to please people and make them happy. Customer, friend or stranger, Ann makes sure everyone is at ease.

Padre de la famille

Standing at her side is her favourite fireman: Gerrit. Next to extinguishing fires and saving lives he has 27 years of experience in the petrochemical sector. A fascinating world, but the desire for a more healthy life with more fresh air was big, so he decided it was time for something new. Gerrit has a big heart for animals and if you put a Pearl Jam CD in the player, you will see a smile on his face in no time!